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Planning for the future allows you to enjoy today.

Our experienced estate planning team serves individuals and families with a range of needs – from the simplest to the most complex. Eliminate uncertainty. Safeguard your legacy. Let us handle the details.

Did You Know…

  • In Arkansas, without estate planning, the majority of the assets which you owned individually go to your children instead of your surviving spouse. If you have minor children, not only will your spouse be required to probate your estate, but your spouse will also be required to seek guardianship over the estates of your minor children in order to manage the assets that would then be owned by your minor children.
  • A trust is beneficial as a general planning tool and not just for holding significant assets. Trusts can hold real property (real estate) and personal property, in addition to liquid assets. A trust is also a helpful mechanism for avoiding probate and simplifying administration of your estate.
  • Part of the estate planning process also includes evaluating succession planning for your business interests.
  • If you have minor children, estate planning is the most efficient method for naming a guardian for your children.

Estate planning is important for everyone. It doesn’t matter your age, wealth or family structure, you can benefit from a comprehensive and individual estate plan. There is no “one size fits all.” At Wright Lindsey Jennings, we will prepare an estate plan for you that accomplishes your planning objectives and simplifies the day-to-day management of your assets. Our team would be honored to advise you on your estate planning needs and goals.

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