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War Memorial Stadium Getting New Security Measures

war memorial

New security measures are being put into place at War Memorial Stadium in the wake of an alleged gun threat that caused thousands to flee the stadium during a high school football game.

The state Department of Parks and Tourism, which administers the stadium, announced it will be implementing a clear bag policy for all athletic events. In addition, officers will use a security wand of all individuals entering the stadium, and loitering will be prohibited on the facility’s concourse.

In the future, the department reportedly may enhance security measures as needed.

According to officials, thousands of patrons fled the stadium on Saturday, Aug. 25, after rumors of a gun threat began circulating through the stands. Approximately 38,000 individuals were present at War Memorial Stadium for the annual Salt Bowl.war memorial

Several injuries were reported from the stampede.

Officials say there has been no confirmation of gunfire, and that the likely cause of the noise was either metal barricades falling or a stun gun discharging. Security officers confiscated a stun gun that was fired twice during the game, according to Department of Parks and Tourism spokesperson Meg Matthews. The sound of the stun gun dry-firing could have been mistaken for a gun shot, she says.

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