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Walton College’s 2017 Business Forecast luncheon set for January 27, 2017

News release from Sam M. Walton College of Business

Each year, the Center for Business and Economic Research hosts the Business Forecast Luncheon, gathering national and international experts to discuss the economic outlook for Arkansas, the nation and the world. Make plans to attend the 2017 Business Forecast Luncheon on January 27, 2017.

Moderator: Shelley Simpson

Shelly Simpson

Shelley Simpson is the Chief Marketing Officer of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., President of J.B. Hunt Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS) and Truck, and is an Executive Vice President of the parent company.


International: Stuart Mackintosh

Stuart Mackintosh

Stuart Mackintosh is the Executive Director of the Group of Thirty, an international financial think tank comprised of senior figures from central banking, the financial sector, and academia. He is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s work program, fundraising, and program of events.

Domestic: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

Ellen Hughes CromwickChief Economist Dr. Ellen Hughes-Cromwick serves as the Secretary of Commerce’s principal adviser on economic matters and as a member of the Secretary’s principal management team. She is on leave as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, following a distinguished, 18-year career with the Ford Motor Company as Director and Chief Global Economist.

Regional: Kathy Deck

Kathy DeckKathy Deck is director of the Center for Business and Economic Research in the Walton College at the University of Arkansas. Her research interests include local economic development, industry market structure and education and health care economics.

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