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University of Arkansas Announces New Academic Program with NWACC


The University of Arkansas and NorthWest Arkansas Community College are agreeing to a joint Transition Academic Program that will enable an eligible student to enroll, take courses and share credits at both schools, while simultaneously pursuing an associate degree at NWACC and a bachelor’s degree at the U of A.

What: Transition Academic Program signing

When: 1:30 p.m. Thursday Jan. 10

Where: Fowler House Atrium, Maple St. and Oliver Ave., Fayetteville

Speakers: U of A Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz; NWACC President Evelyn E. Jorgenson

The purpose of the Transition Academic Program to allow a seamless transfer between NWACC and the U of A, increasing the academic opportunities for eligible students and increasing the number of associate and bachelor’s degrees produced in the state.

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