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UA Launching Master’s Program in Community College Leadership


The University of Arkansas is launching a new program designed to bolster community college leaders’ education and to address the challenges, both education and economic, that these professionals face in their field.

Applications for the new Master of Education in Community College Leadership program, which officially starts in January 2020, is now open.

During the program, students will hone their management skills while also learning about the history and current practices of community colleges. Legal issues, functions of colleges and best practices will be key components of the program.

“There is no undergraduate major for individuals who want to work in a community college,” Michael Hevel, coordinator of the program, said in a statement. “This degree program provides a professional foundation of evidence-based practices for those who work in community colleges while also creating a network of professional peers across institutions. With the complex mission of the contemporary community college, we wanted to build a program that would help individuals see the big picture of the higher education landscape, while also honing their professional skills.”

 Program courses will be available in eight-week sessions for working professionals, and the program can be started in any session. According to a University of Arkansas news release, the program can be program in approximately two years.

Currently, the program is awaiting approval by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The deadline to apply for the program is December 1.

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