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Steven Webb – Hospital CEOs


Steven Webb

Name: Steven Webb

Hospital: President & CEO Unity Health

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, East Texas Baptist University, Marshal, Texas; University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Master of Health Service Administration; Fellowship, White County Medical Center, Searcy, Ark.

First job in health care: CEO, Good Shepherd Medical Center Linden, Linden, Texas

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the health care industry in Arkansas today?
Continued financial pressure with discrepancies between Arkansas and other states. Financial pressure on organizations impacts ability to recruit physicians and staff, expand, and provide additional services. In the future, dollars will become scarcer, and there will be a nursing and physician shortage.

What are some of the most significant financial challenges facing hospitals today?
Insurance companies and Medicare are potentially putting providers and systems at risk. Healthcare dollars are becoming scarcer and systems are adapting and changing the way they deliver care. Healthcare organizations are taking on value-based payments and more risk in order to be successful.

How do elections impact the health care industry?
We are fortunate to have representatives and senators who recognize the value of access to healthcare and support local healthcare. We are pleased with Arkansas Works and the benefits it provides.

Has personnel shortage been an issue for your hospital? If so, how have you addressed it?
Yes, like most other hospitals in the state, we have had to address a personnel shortage. We have done so by launching the second largest graduate medical education residency program in the state. We work to train and retain our own physicians. As for nursing and other staff; we actively engage with local universities to train and help educate medical professionals and allied health professionals. In addition, we have residency programs in nursing and pharmacy.

Who will be the disruptive competitors in the future?
There will always be disruptive competitors in the marketplace. This ranges from new technology which could allow virtual visits with providers, to retail disruptors, to insurance companies and changes with coverage. We know the future of healthcare will not be a smooth path and there will be rough areas to navigate. However, Unity Health has a legacy of planning for the future and acting now on what may come down the road. We do what we do for our patients and for no other reason. They are our number one concern.

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