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If Old Man Winter doesn’t interfere, Broadway Bridge builder can stash extra cash

LITTLE ROCK (October 25, 2016) ~ Massman Construction Co. contracted to build the new Broadway Street bridge for $98.4 million in 180 days, but the company could pad its pockets with up to  $4 million if it finishes early. That would bring the total price for the new bridge to $102.4 million.

In its contract, Massman agreed to pay a penalty of $80,000 for every day construction goes past the 180-day deadline,  which falls on March 29. But Arkansas has agreed to award the company $80,000 a day for every day it comes in before the end of March.

While there is no limit on the penalty, the state has imposed a 50-day limit on the award.

Danny Straessle

“There are a few major steps before we get to the end of the 180-day deadline,” said Danny Straessle, public information officer for Arkansas State Transportation and Highway Department . “Right now, there is work to be done breaking down the legs of the bridge. After that is completed, Massman still has to float in the arches and work on the actual roadway.

“While there is a chance that Massman could complete their build before March 29 at 11:59:59, it is a bit too early to tell,” Mr. Straessle said. “There are a few steps that will be crucial between now and then. Not to mention, old Father Winter has not been consulted on the build … .

“If we have a winter like last winter, there is a chance that Massman could complete the build as early as some time in February.”

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