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NWA Officials Planning for Better Economy and Quality of Life

Northwest Arkansas Council Planning for Better Economy and Quality of Life

The Northwest Arkansas Council, an economic nonprofit, is looking to guide the region’s development over the next few years to improve economic activity and quality of life.

The organization unveiled earlier this month more than 50 recommendations that relate to education and career training, entrepreneurship, housing, transportation and the arts. The Springdale-based council includes executives from some of the region’s largest companies, schools and health care systems.

The council, which got its start in 1990, continues to lead regional projects such as the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and major roadway improvements. It has also worked as a chamber of commerce to attract businesses to the region.

For its latest plan, the group decided to consider both incremental and major, transformative improvements.

The plan focuses on partnership, calling on the University of Arkansas to double research and development spending to about $300 million a year.

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