February 2019 Magazine

New Kids on the Block: Wise Pocket Products


By Dustin Jayroe | Photography by Jamison Mosley & Meredith Mashburn

Sofia Overton, 13, wants to make life easier for active kids with her Wise Pocket Products.

Bentonville may be known as the birthplace of Sam Walton’s original Walton’s Five and Dime, but it is also home to a more recent endeavor that is as smart and inventive as the name suggests.

Sofia Overton, 13, is the founder of Wise Pocket Products, an ingenious line of clothing that aims to make life easier for active kids by giving them more pockets.

According to Sofia, the story began when she was hanging out with her older cousin. Sofia saw her cousin slide her cell phone down in her boot because none of her clothing had pockets. Sofia recalled that she, too, had cell-phone storage problems, either not having clothes with pockets big enough or not having pockets at all. Why were shoes the only viable storage option for girls?

Sofia made it her mission to correct this problem. First, she designed a sock for herself that featured a discrete, yet functional pocket at the top, just above the ankle. It worked like a charm, so she continued to brainstorm what else she could put a pocket on and decided on leggings. Wise Pocket Products was born.

Determined to share this gift with others who faced similar dilemmas, Sofia created a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo. Launched on January 19, 2018, the community-backed project reached the $10,000 goal in just one month. She’s been rolling ever since.

Wise Pocket’s sock line features gender-neutral pocket socks in various colors and designs. From cream-colored to black to the louder splatter-paint design, these socks blend functionality with fashion.

The company’s leggings will also feature a variety of options, from a bright color pop blend to a more traditional black-and-white design to a denim look.

Most importantly, not only has Sofia jumped into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool at age 13 with a product line that aims to help others, but she takes it a step farther to ensure the impact of Wise Pocket is felt beyond her customer base. For every pair of socks Wise Pocket sells, they donate a pair to a child in need. In her eyes, this gives her and her customers the ability to “change the world one pair of socks at a time.”

Since going on the market, Wise Pocket Products has donated socks to more than 25 children’s shelters across the country.

We cover up-and-coming entrepreneurs and startups of Arkansas frequently here at AMP but very rarely do they move us in such a way as these stories did. Since it is New Year’s resolution time, take a page out of Lauren, Colby, and Sofia’s playbook this year. Make 2019 yours. Chase your dreams.

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