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LIVSN: Sustainable Outdoor Apparel in the Natural State


LIVSN is a new clothing company conceived here in Arkansas, with a mission to create high quality fabric via sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, for people “who value experiences, more than stuff.”

The name LIVSN derives from the Swedish word, “livsnjutare,” which means, simply, “one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life.” This passion for life, and the outdoors, is how LIVSN came to be.

LIVSN was founded by Arkansas native Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, who was formerly the CEO of Fayettechill, another outdoor apparel brand started in Arkansas. That experience proved to be vital for the progress towards his next endeavor, LIVSN.


According to Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, quality is more important than quantity

“My time at Fayettechill really opened my eyes to how fun it is to work in an industry that promotes spending time in nature,” Gibbs-Dabney says. “From that, I knew my next step was going to be in the outdoors space…the experience gained from working in everything from warehouse fulfillment to product design has helped me to shape LIVSN’s model to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing anything on the end product and customer service.”

Gibbs-Dabney brings LIVSN to life with authentic intentions. As an outdoorsman himself, Gibbs-Dabney knows the importance of quality when it comes to outdoor clothing and how that is much more valuable than quantity.

“We had too much gear, too many jackets, and too much stuff. This started us down a path of shedding belongings. This process forced us to take stock of what we owned and make decisions on what to keep. We kept what mattered. We’re not advocates for extreme minimalism, and don’t preach throwing away all belongings. We like things, especially those made with care. We kept what was well-made, served its purpose well, and especially those pieces that had sentimental value. We kept what mattered.”

What matters to Dabney, and his team at LIVSN, is less about how much they have, but more about having just enough. In their own words, “If clothing is something that we must have, then we believe it should perform well, look good, be ethically made, environmentally friendly – and it should last.” They make this abundantly clear on their promotional material on Instagram, using #keepwhatmatters on their posts to make sure that this trend does not stop with them.

This mentality rings especially true in LIVSN’s three pillars:

Intentional Minimalism

  • Own less, consume less. To make good on that promise, and to promote this minimalism, LIVSN offers a full repair and/or replacement policy on everything that they sell.

Hedonistic Sustainability

  • This idea that sustainability should be pleasurable, which LIVSN pushes by making their clothes something that “you want to wear.”

Good Corporate Citizenship

  • The belief that companies “have obligations to their customers, stakeholders, and community to which they owe their existence.” LIVSN donates a portion of their sales to non-profit organizations that help get kids outside, including 2 percent of their Kickstarter campaign funds, which will go to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Their official product roll-out is scheduled for September 2018 on their Kickstarter, and will include a hi-wool fleece jacket, flex canvas pants, and a long sleeve t-shirt – just in time for your outdoor needs during the winter months. Gibbs-Dabney and his team list the breakdown for just how meticulously they have designed this apparel on their products page, which includes an articulated knee build for mobility on their pants and six strategically placed pockets on their fleece. They also have a fully recycled logo t-shirt that is available right now, which is made with 65 percent recycled cotton from old shirts and 35 percent recycled polyester from old plastic bottles.


Meticulous care goes into the design for LIVSN’s products

The best way, according to Gibbs-Dabney, to stay in the know regarding their soon-to-come Kickstarter and product launch, is to sign-up to their e-mail list, for which they will send out a free sticker pack (made with Eco Solvent inks), which contains five LIVSN logo stickers. Over 7,500 people have signed up to their e-mail list in just two months, and their goal is to have 20,000 before the launch date.

“Buying high quality items you actually need and taking care of them goes a long way towards reducing your environmental footprint.”

The entire business model that Gibbs-Dabney and his team have created at LIVSN is with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. This model is not limited to recycled and environmentally friendly products. Their use of direct to consumer sales strategies, both through their website and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, means that they have a smaller impact by reducing the resources needed to do business. As they put it, “through this more efficient model, we are able to stay lean and nimble, allowing room to provide services like repairs and replacement, while keeping prices fair at the same time.”


LIVSN’s Flex Canvas Pants

LIVSN believes that simply being here today, selling clothing, even if they are selling a lot of it, does not ensure that they will be around tomorrow. But, by doing their part for their community, their environment, and their customers, they can continue to serve and provide for many days to come.

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Photos courtesy of LIVSN

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