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KUAF Names New General Manager


Northwest Arkansas’ NPR affiliate station has named a new general manager.

Leigh Wood has been tapped to serve as the general manager for KUAF 91.3 FM, starting August 1. KUAF is based at the University of Arkansas.

Wood, currently KUAF’s membership director, will be succeeding longtime general manager Rick Stockdell, who has served in the role for 35 years. Stockdell will be focusing on teaching journalism, starting in the fall semester.

“The radio station is in a good place with solid staff and budget and all new transmission equipment, so it seems like a good time for a transition,” Stockdell said. “After 35 years of work in public radio, I’m ready to give teaching and research my entire focus.” 

Wood will be responsible for the overall vision and leadership for KUAF as the new general manager. In addition, she will oversee fundraising and content development.

“I am very excited to continue my work at KUAF,” Wood said. “The staff, our listeners and our supporters have all made KUAF one of the best public radio stations of our size in the country. I’m honored to be able to build on such a strong foundation.”

Wood has been employed at KUAF for eight years.She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2001 with an English degree and obtained a master’s degree in English in 2007.

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Image courtesy of University of Arkansas and KUAF

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