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Judge delays decision on candidacy of convicted Faulkner county clerk

Faulkner Circuit Judge David Clark today ordered that the election for Faulkner County clerk proceed but that votes not be counted until he decides at a hearing the day after the election whether Republican candidate Margaret Darter is unable to serve because of the crime that forced her to resign the job earlier this month.

The judge  will have a hearing at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, to decide if the misdemeanor obstructing governmental operations charge amounts to an infamous crime under the Arkansas Constitution and disqualifies her in this election. Past candidates have been ruled off for misdemeanor hot check violations.

Darter has admitted dishonestly changing the filing dates on public official ethics forms so they wouldn’t appear to have been filed late. She resigned from office and accepted a misdemeanor conviction with a $500 fine, but continued as a candidate for election.

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