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Good Dog Cafe: Making Dog Lovers’ Dreams a Reality

dog cafe

Upcoming Fayetteville Dog Café is soon to bring all dog-lover’s dreams come to reality.

Whether you’re a coffee drinker, crazy dog person, or on the working grind, Fayetteville’s Good Dog Café is soon to bring community to the Fayetteville area.

The dog café was built and will be run by the family of local Fayetteville residents, Micah and Tryphina Szabo. While the couple have been Fayetteville residents for 15 years, they said that the idea to start the business sparked their interest a couple of years ago. The cozy café, which is located in Southeast Fayetteville, will be a small, quaint place with a home-town feel with a big obstacle area for the dogs and a park, according to Micah.

“We have been married a little over ten years, and we have always had a fantasy of opening a little cafe serving breakfast and coffee and have always had a desire to work with animals,” Tryphina says. “We found a property that had a big, large fenced area and so we thought that we could put those ideas together and do something unique.”

Until the café is complete, the couple said that they can be found on the weekends at the local dog park with their five dogs or finishing touch-ups for the café’s building with their son. Without the help of contractors, the couple has saved money to invest in painting the interior and exterior of the property, finishing hardwood floors, and putting up fences.

“We have been renovating it though and it has been taking a lot of work and a lot of time, but I think it will be perfect for what we are wanting to do,” Tryphina says. The couple says they hope to run the café by themselves for as long as they can in order to get to know every new customer who walks through the door.

“The people we are going to draw to this business are all going to have a common interest and that is they love dogs, so it makes it really unique,” Micah says. “I think we are going to get really close to the customers and get to know people by name and their dogs hopefully, but it will be a lot more personal than your typical place because it will be our family running it.”

No matter if you are a dog person or don’t own a dog at all, there is something for everyone at Good Dog Café. While the couple hopes to finish personalizing the café with old antiques, they plan to sell locally-made products as well as local, fresh coffee.

“We are going to have some really fresh beans that are roasted about an hour away. So it is going to be really, really good quality coffee,” Micah says. “So we are not just hitting up dog people, we are hoping to hit up the coffee people as well.”

Big visions are ahead for the café to eventually host events for dog owners and their furry best friends like movies in the park or band performances to raise money for local shelters, according to the owners. The couple said that they also hope to host obedience classes for dogs or an opportunity to get your dog groomed while you are eating, so that the place is more than just a café to customers.

“We hope it will be successful,” Tryphina says. “We are not out to make a boatload of money, we are just out to have a job that we enjoy and a business that we love.”

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