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Fuel Accelerator

Nine of the most promising supply-chain startups in the country are converging on Northwest Arkansas this month for a new accelerator program that aims to change how companies deliver their products.

By Tyler Hale

The Fuel Accelerator is a 16-week program sponsored by RevUnit, Startup Junkie and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission that is tasking a cohort of nine startups with tackling the biggest supply chain and logistics challenges currently facing established industries.

Supply chain revolves around the path from the creation of a product to having that product in a customer’s hand. Supply-chain begins with manufacturing, proceeds through the logistics of transportation to a warehouse, to warehouse inventory management, and finally to customer delivery. The 2019 Fuel cohort is tackling a wide range of supply chain issues, from combating driver fatigue to consolidating product delivery. Despite the differences in the problems the companies are addressing, they are also striving to make the supply chain industry more efficient and effective for companies and consumers.

Northwest Arkansas is a natural location for the Fuel Accelerator, as the region is the home of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies. In addition, transportation is a major industry in the region. Companies like J.B. Hunt and ABF Transportation have a significant presence in Northwest Arkansas. It’s in this bustling business atmosphere that the Fuel Accelerator cohort will develop industry relationships that will enable them to learn more about contemporary supply-chain dynamics and develop solutions for tomorrow.

During the accelerator, participants will receive a hands-on education in the supply-chain processes of Fortune 500 companies to learn the strengths and weaknesses of these systems. Partner companies will provide the accelerator participants with training and demonstration sessions while also providing feedback on the participants’ products and services.

The accelerator participants are all at varying development phases, but they are all still growth stage startups. Each company has a ready product or service and is looking to develop new relationships and strategies to pursue increased growth.

These nine companies are heading to Arkansas to get all the tools they need to solve important problems that impact people around the world. The supply chain will never be the same.

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