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Fuel Accelerator: Thaddeus


By Tyler Hale

The supply chain can be hard on the items that go through it on a daily basis. From getting thrown around to sitting in warehouses that are not temperature-regulated, packages can endure a wide range of abuse while they are in transit. While this may not affect ordinary retail items, like books, it can have a severe impact on time-sensitive material, such as biological material or medicine.

The startup Thaddeus is tackling the problem of shipping medical specimens through the supply chain with a temperature-regulating device. This device, called the iQ+-ler, is a reusable container that can monitor and control the temperature of any medical specimens that are placed inside. According to the company, the iQ+-ler is the “only small parcel, all-in-one solution that protects against spoilage and chain-of-custody failures of high-margin freight.”

The way the device protects its contents can be found in both its hardware and software. The iQ+-ler, according to founder and CEO Dr. Steven Scully, is a hardened container that features unique temperature sensors that can relay its location through GPS and prevent security breaches with RFID.

“It is a hard, durable, military-grade container. Things that have to go through the supply-chain have to take a lot of damage. The electronics inside are very sensitive and normally would not last more than a couple of trips, but we have a proprietary technology to protect the electronics,” Scully says.

The game changer for those who adopt the iQ+-ler will be the cost savings. Scully first noticed that researchers and doctors were having difficulty getting medical specimens from one floor of a hospital to another, and the difficulty is similar going through the supply chain, where hospitals and companies must ship samples overnight – an expensive proposition – to prevent spoilage.

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