February 2019 Magazine Startup AR Technology

Fuel Accelerator: ShipHike


By Tyler Hale

E-commerce has fueled the rise of faster shipping, and those expectations are not going anywhere. Retailers are currently providing expedited shipping at no cost for customers, but as consumer expectations increase, companies will have to develop innovative solutions to deliver products.

This is where ShipHike is stepping into the equation. ShipHike is a technology company that pairs drivers traveling in one direction with companies or individuals that are shipping products in the same direction.

Patrick Simon, a ShipHike co-founder, says the purpose of the company is to enable efficient, same day shipping for companies and consumers. “Our goal is to provide our customers with on-demand, same day shipping that is cheaper and easier than ever before,” he says.

The idea for ShipHike was born during a drive to Colorado, a yearly trip for Simon and his family. While driving through the Texas panhandle in 2016, Simon noticed the number of delivery trucks on the road and wondered why he couldn’t deliver someone’s letter or package while he was driving and make money doing it. He ran the idea by his father Buddy, and ShipHike was born.

Shipping is an expensive proposition for companies, both big and small, and ShipHike is meant to cut the last-mile costs. In addition to delivering items, Simon intends to handle customer returns and inventory repositioning. By crowdsourcing the shipping, ShipHike will potentially be able to mobilize drivers from around the country instead of relying on traditional shipping means. “Utilizing the nearly 300 million vehicles in the United States gives us a huge leg up on even the big incumbents in the shipping industry today,” Simon says.

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