February 2019 Magazine Technology

Fuel Accelerator: Ship.com


By Tyler Hale

Joe DiSorbo, Ship.com CEO

Have you ever checked your Amazon.com account wondering where your package is and when it will arrive? Depending on where you order from, you may not always get an accurate location for your package and sometimes, there’s no tracking at all.

Package anxiety will be a thing of the past if the team at Ship.com has its way. Ship.com is an eCommerce platform that will enable consumers to track packages in real time across all retailers and allow retailers to deliver product-related content to consumers during and after delivery. Consumers will also be able to share delivery information with friends, while retailers can continue to engage with customers to increase brand loyalty and repeat sales.

Through the Ship.com app, consumers will receive push notifications as their packages make their way through the delivery process. It will no longer be necessary to remember tracking numbers or to visit different parcel websites – Ship.com supports all major shipping carriers.

According to Chief Growth Officer Becky Wood, eCommerce tracking is ripe for innovation because there have not been any advances in the sector since the beginning of the industry. By introducing Ship.com, the company is intending to make customers’ lives easier and increase competition between retailers.

“We believe there has been little innovation or real improvements in the delivery experience since the beginning of e-commerce,” Wood says.  “Ordering online can still cause significant delivery stress for consumers that impacts negatively on the reputation of the retailer and brand despite all the seemingly well-intentioned conveniences touted by online retailers and parcel carriers.”

Ship.com is currently in beta testing, and the Ship.com app will launch in February on Android and iOS.

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