February 2019 Magazine Startup AR Technology

Fuel Accelerator: Orby


By Tyler Hale

Automation is increasingly becoming a critical part of the supply chain to increase efficiency. While keeping inventory has long been computerized, it has relied on human operators to take inventory and plug the information into a database. That’s where Orby comes in.

Orby is a flying robot that is designed to solve the problem of automated warehouse and store inventory monitoring. These safe flying robots are capable of scanning aisles and checking stock while also identifying missing products. By automating the inventory process, which consists of repeatable actions, companies can free their employees to handle more complex tasks.

According to Orby founder and CEO Shrey Malhotra,this autonomous robot is designed to be a “one-stop solution” for the retail and supply-chain industry. “In today’s complex retail environment, it’s challenging to manage inventory on the shelves and in the backroom effectively. At Orby, our autonomous flying robots deliver a one-stop solution that lets you collect accurate shelf images and barcodes faster, every day and at a lower cost,” he says.

Users can assign tasks to the Orby robot and preplan flights, and the Orby will autonomously begin, complete any tasks and return to its docking station.

Due to its high level of artificial intelligence, the Orby can learn to fly around a building to complete its task quickly. This mapping feature will enable companies to speed up the inventory process while also reducing human error. Orby’s AI platform allows managers to keep track of inventory while also streaming video from Orby’s flight.

“Our flying safe robots can operate indoors and in close proximity to people. When you combine these autonomous robots and the power of machine learning, you can automate data collection and deliver actionable analysis. With our platform, our customers can save hours of operation and drive up revenue,” Malhotra says.

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