February 2019 Magazine Startup AR Technology

Fuel Accelerator: Oculogx


By Tyler Hale

Fast shipping is no longer a luxury for companies and consumers. It’s now expected. Shipping begins in warehouses with a process called order picking, in which employees locate items throughout the warehouses to send them to be shipped, a process that can be inefficient. One company is revolutionizing order picking to make it faster and more efficient.

Oculogx is an augmented reality platform that speeds up the order fulfillment process and reduces errors in the process. According to founder Charu Thomas, Oculogx has been able to increase order picking by 40 percent and decrease the rate of errors by 80 percent. By speeding up order picking and reducing errors, companies will be able to ship more orders with the same labor force.

Thomas started Oculogx while still in college at Georgia Tech’s Industrial Engineering program. From the beginning, her company has been recognized in invention competitions such as the Collegiate Inventors Competition, the Lemelon-MIT Prize and the Microsoft Imagine Cup, and has been working with Fortune 500 companies.

Despite the company’s already impressive growth, Thomas intends to use the Fuel Accelerator to increase Oculogx’s sales. “We’ve been growing our sales pipeline pretty steadily so far, but I’m excited to learn tricks on how to grow it and speed it up,” Thomas says. “We’re also planning on adding some enterprise sales experts to our team to help mold our process, so I want to learn some tips on how to find the right fit for potential salespeople.”

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