February 2019 Magazine Startup AR Technology

Fuel Accelerator: Luncher


By Tyler Hale

Getting lunch at work can be an ordeal. If you don’t pack a lunch, you have to find a restaurant, get a parking spot, order the meal and quickly eat it, drive back to work and hope that you make it on time. But according to one Arkansas startup, lunch doesn’t have to be so hard.

Luncher is an on-demand consolidation platform that enables individuals to order lunch from a curated menu of restaurant options and have the food delivered to their office or a “hotspot.”

CEO Edwin Ortiz sees Luncher as a game-changer for both the service companies and consumers. Companies will be saving delivery costs, while customers will have lower costs of delivery while also benefitting from Luncher’s convenience. “We believe that on-demand consolidation will lower the companies’ cost of the last mile service to customers and will enable free or highly reduced delivery fees, especially around prepared food and groceries,” Ortiz says.

Luncher is a supply chain company that is impacting local companies and consumers in Arkansas. Supply chains are vital to local economies, according to Ortiz, because they impact the affordability of virtually every product and service that consumers use. “We focus on supply chains because we see them as the enablers of affordability in our business,” he says.

As a local startup, Luncher is planning to take full advantage of the Fuel Accelerator to impact the Northwest Arkansas economy. “We are an Arkansas-based company, so we expect to create more tech and operations jobs as well as help local restaurants increase their business and gain exposure,” Ortiz says.

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