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Fuel Accelerator: BlyncSync


By Tyler Hale

To get packages where they need to go, truck drivers pull long hours driving, in some cases locally and in other cases, cross-country. Despite regulations that dictate how long drivers can operate their vehicles before resting, fatigue can easily set in.

To solve the problem of driver fatigue, BlyncSync is introducing wearable technology that takes a proactive approach to prevent accidents on the road. The company uses smart devices to collect data and BlyncSync software analyzes the collected data and predicts when drivers will become fatigued.

Smart glasses help monitor drivers’ pupil movement and blink rate, and head-tilt sensors can register shifts in drivers’ attention spans. Meanwhile, smart watches track additional variables, such as heart rate, sleep stages and distance traveled. All of the information is analyzed through a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and can provide both drivers and their companies with an assessment of the driver’s readiness.

BlyncSync’s driving solution is superior to current market solutions, according to Austin Green, CEO of BlyncSync Technologies, because BlyncSync takes a proactive approach to determining when driver fatigue happens while the market solutions are reactionary. “Pretty much the solution out there is reactionary – by that, I mean that it focuses on a symptom of the problem as opposed to the root problem itself,” he says.

In addition to combatting fatigue, BlyncSync’s technology is aimed at helping with scheduling and providing companies with employee analytics. While assisting drivers with fatigue is their primary goal now, Green says there is a host of potential applications for BlyncSync and its innovative technology.

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