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Frank Scott Jr. Names Members of Transition Team


Little Rock Mayor-Elect Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock Mayor-Elect Frank Scott Jr. released the names of the members of his transition team today.

These individuals will serve on the board of directors for Scott’s transition to the mayor’s office. They are charged with leading the transition process, which according to a press release, will consist of “eight citizen-led subcommittees” on various issues ranging from education to quality of life.

The board of directors includes Dr. Jay Barth, Gus Blass III, Tamika Edwards, Sen. Joyce Elliott, Kathryn Hazelett, Baker Kurrus, Cristina Monterrey, Antwan Phillips, Will Rockefeller, Johny Rutledge and Dr. Sara Tariq.

Read the full press release for more information:

On Monday, December 17, 2018, City of Little Rock Mayor-Elect Frank Scott, Jr. announced the names of individuals who will serve as the Board of Directors of his transition organization. They are: Dr. Jay Barth; Gus Blass, III; Tamika Edwards; Sen. Joyce Elliott; Kathryn Hazelett; Baker Kurrus; Cristina Monterrey; Antwan Phillips; Will Rockefeller; John Rutledge; and Dr. Sara Tariq.

This team will help lead a people-powered transition process that will consist of eight citizen-led subcommittees on the following: Finance and Administration; Education; Mobility; Economic Development; Public Safety; Inclusion; Quality of Life; and, Transformation and Government Reform.  

Each City department, board, commission, or entity that receives public resources will meet with the relevant subcommittee to determine impact during the prior eight years. Subcommittees will use this information, along with that of the City Manager’s Office and outgoing mayor’s administration, and input from public comments by each subcommittee to make final recommendations. These recommendations will be included in the transition’s final report and ultimately produce a four-year plan for the Scott Administration.  

“The people shaped my campaign and will continue to shape the future of Little Rock beginning with this transition,” Scott says. “An open, transparent process is the first step in producing a clear game plan for holding myself and the Little Rock Board of Directors accountable throughout my first term.”

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