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Figgli: Creating Custom A.I. Solutions

The entrepreneurs behind the artificial intelligence software startup, Figgli, brought their talents to Northwest Arkansas this week, as they presented at 1 Million Cups in Bentonville on June 12.

Attendees of the Wednesday meeting may not know it, yet, but the company’s masthead brought with them a stellar reputation from Springfield, Mo.

We have been called the Jobs and Wozniak of our town,” Christian Seager, one of Figgli’s founding fathers, says.

Figgli was founded in 2018, with a mission to change the lives of others through artificial intelligence technology. Ever since then, they have done everything they can to make that mission a reality.

Christian is joined on this endeavor by co-founders Tim Seager, serial entrepreneur, and Frank Giddens, artificial intelligence specialist.

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The three are “bootstrapping” their way through entrepreneurialism, or, as Christian says, “living the entrepreneurial dream.

Essentially, Figgli’s team works with their clients to identify problems that they are having, or “pains” as they say, and find ways to turn them into “gains” with the use of artificial intelligence. The problems can be wide ranging, and the clients from virtually any industry.

What sets Figgli apart from other A.I. software companies, in their eyes, is in the way that their company operates, as a whole. Via a four-step process of identification and customization, Figgli can tailor the services provided to the specific needs of their clients, rather than just a blanket package that a competitor might be limited to.

“Our mission is to help you help your customers,” Christian says. “A chain reaction forms with our clients, with their customers in mind. A win-win-win situation.”

Among the wide range of notches the Figgli team have added to their belt include: building a stock prediction model for the S&P 500, a health care toxicology A.I. model, and an automated social media marketing campaign.

“We are willing to go beyond the limits of what we see as possible,” Christian says.

Check out Figgli’s presentation at 1 Million Cups:


Top image courtesy of Startup Junkie and 1 Million Cups Bentonville.

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