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Fayetteville’s Dickson Street Experiencing High Turnover


by Peyton Yager

(KNWA) A Fayetteville eatery is joining other businesses in closing down – causing high turnover in the downtown area.

“Everyone loves BBQ,” owner of Sauced Rodney Slane says. “It seems to be the new trending thing.”

But is trendy isn’t going to cut it.

“We are visible as we can be,” Slane says. “But we can’t get anyone into the door here.”

The business took a chance while watching its neighbors close.

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“I don’t know why these places are dying,” Slane says. “Is it because the rent is high ? Maybe. I knew the rent was going to be high but the support of business is difficult.”

Slane’s business isn’t the only one that’s struggling though.

On Tuesday, Blackboard Grocery and Watery announced on social media it will be closing at the end of December.

Just this week – an Insomia Cookies sign replaced the long standing Waffle House.

And a vacant Qdoba Mexican Cuisine sits on the corner – for almost a year now.

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