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Face of Neurosurgery: Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists


Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists
Scott Schlesinger, M.D., founding partner

Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists is the only private, independent, multi-disciplinary neurological team in the region that offers the full range of services for the spine and nervous system, including neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy, ASC care and MRI brain and spine imaging. To completely address each patient’s unique issues, Legacy utilizes a team approach, combining neurological expertise, minimally invasive (MIS) care, state-of-the-art neuro-imaging and neurologically-focused physical therapy to create the full-spectrum of integrated care.

“Our experienced neurological team leads the nation in the development and advancement of computer and image-guided micro spine surgery,” Schlesinger says. “The Legacy MIG-LIF and the MIS screw and rod free Varilfit lumbar fusion procedures were developed by our neurosurgery team and are two of the most advanced and innovative MIS lumbar fusion procedures in the world.”

Legacy’s physicians incorporate a very conservative approach to neurological and spine care. In fact, the large percentage of its patients are cared for without surgery, according to founding partner Dr. Scott Schlesinger.

The practice roots were planted in early 1960s with by emeritus partners Drs. Ray Jouett and Ron Williams. Its current name was selected in 2008 to honor these beloved pioneers.

Schlesinger says Legacy has worked tirelessly to advocate for public policy and legislatively to attempt to protect Arkansans’ access to the best quality care possible while simultaneously protecting the patient’s freedom to choose their providers and site of service that best meets their needs and desire. This includes protection against the corporate practice of medicine that has evolved and versus insurance company policies that run counter to the best interest of patient care.

Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists
Scott Schlesinger


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