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Face of Business: Jeff Turnbow, Owner, Turnbow Corporation


Jeff Turnbow

Business Services Consultant

Jeff Turnbow used to be afraid of flying and public speaking; however, others’ desire to hear and learn his ideas on marketing, strategy, leadership and training have helped the Conway-based consultant get over his fears and become an internationally-recognized marketing expert, best-selling author and speaker.

The Turnbow Corporation was founded as a small agency 17 years ago and would take on any client willing to pay. Today, Turnbow has personally consulted more than 3,000 diverse businesses in four states.

“We stay ahead of all the advanced marketing tools, and we have decades of relationships within the industry,” Turnbow says. “This provides the know-how and partnerships to accomplish extraordinary goals.”

He says he started his firm to “help the underdog – the small business.”

“The small business community is the backbone of our society, yet they so often lack the proper resources and authentic partnerships needed to reach their vision effectively.”

Turnbow says he is inspired and continually motivated by the feeling of creating programs that have an outstanding return on their investment.

“My talents and skills impact the lives at every business we serve,” he says. “I know that what I do affects the employees of that organization. I carry that responsibility very seriously, and so I become a part of my client’s company. It is a very personal experience for me to direct a successful strategy.”

While Turnbow says he may seem like an overnight success because of the recognition he has received in the past two years, he says it is the fruit of more than 15 years of labor. Listening with commitment and asking great questions helps to set him and his firm apart.

He recently was selected among 25 other professionals to write a chapter for a compilation book by Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The book made four best-sellers lists on, and Turnbow’s chapter won the editor’s choice award.

“From there, I began getting requests for speaking, motivational lectures, and keynote engagements internationally. Now I am writing two books to release by 2020.

“I love what I do, and I am very thankful every single day.”

Jeff Turnbow • Turnbow Corporation • 501-505-6278 • LinkedIn: jeffturnbow

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