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Using E-mail Marketing to Boost Your Business


(Engine) We’ve talked about email marketing and email marketing platforms a lot. Like, a lot. It’s incredibly important. But while we’ve discussed what it is, and why you should do it, we haven’t taken a deep dive into how you should tackle email marketing. Here, we’ll break down the best practices of email marketing to get your site booming.


Email capture is incredibly important. In fact, it’s the best practice you can maintain throughout your email marketing approach, because otherwise, well, you’d have no emails to send marketing stuff.

Simple subscription boxes that pop up on your store are tremendously effective. They can be the difference between site visitors becoming customers or becoming the ones that got away. Having the boxes pop up when customers exhibit exit behavior is even more effective, as it allows visitors to have a moment to rethink giving your brand serious consideration. These are easy features to install, and can make all of the difference when it comes to email marketing, as you’ll capture a much larger audience than doing nothing.


Do you have flows set up? If not, you need to do so immediately. Flows are essentially automatic email streams that send to your customers when certain criteria are met.

If they subscribe to your email list, you should have curated welcome flows set up, perhaps offering a discount for subscribing. Check out notifications are great, but you can lose customers well before they check out. Abandoned cart flows can drastically increase the conversion rate of your store. If there’s an action that a customer can take, you should have a curated flow ready to go to make that customer feel wanted and understood. Of the best practices for email marketing, this one is crucial.


Speaking of flows, upsell and cross-sell are two of the best to deploy.

When someone has checked out a product but didn’t end up buying, offer them a buy-one/get-one deal, incentivizing them to follow through on the purchase.

If a customer has already made a purchase, send them emails recommending similar products or products that they might like. Amazon has built an entire empire on upselling and cross-selling. Your store can use their best practice to augment your email marketing strategy.

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