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Daily Digest: January 18, 2019


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CHI St. Vincent a part of major hospital merger. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Arkansas Life magazine reduces to four print magazines per year. | Arkansas Money & Politics

The hottest name in e-commerce app developement: Altimize. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Bank OZK releases 2018 earnings report. | Arkansas Money & Politics

UofA hires a new chief information officer. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Who owns the prospective Arkansas marijuana dispensaries? | Arkansas Business

Cutting costs – Garver wellness program helps save on health care. | Arkansas Business

Dump fire getting expensive. Estimates to extinguish increase to $37 million. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas Supreme Court justice says she can’t obtain copies of messages from federal prosecutors. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Shutdown is impacting Little Rock. Funds for housing aid may run out. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Jonesboro is making changes in city administration. | Talk Business & Politics

Profile on Representative Denise Garner of Fayetteville. | Arkansas Times

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