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Daily Digest: 7, 2019


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Sam Alley: From the West Bank to Arkansas. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Startup Junkie, Venture Center team up for Venture MashUp. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Garbo Hearne: A Force of Nature. | Arkansas Money & Politics

State law guarantees elementary students more recess time. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Walmart to deliver groceries inside homes. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Jamie Davidson launches new startup. | Arkansas Business

Interview: Amy Tu. | Arkansas Business

Walmart talks risk, trade at meeting. | Talk Business & Politics

Company to focus on solar power. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

NWA economy outpaces almost entire country. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

U.S. government looking into tech companies. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

U.S. stock futures rise. | Yahoo Finance

Attempting to save newspapers from tech companies. | CNN

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