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Bridge wreckers, bridge builders produce a symphony with whining drills, clattering jackhammers

A bridge builder checks supports.

LITTLE ROCK, October 6, 2016 ~ As demolition crews continued to tear down the original this week, bridge builders were piecing together the new Broadway Bridge.

They walk the tight-ropes of steel beams, secured with harnesses from a long fall into the mighty Arkansas. From both sides of the river, the symphony of whining drills and the cement-cracking jackhammers are the soundtrack of progress.

The new bridge from the North Little Rock shore.

Boat crews float supplies up and down the river, dwarfed by the arch of the new bridge. Dock workers walk thin gangplanks from boat to shore.

In a matter of days, the word will go out that the old bridge is ready for the explosives that will finish the bridge wreckers’ job, blasts that will drop what’s left of the first bridge into the Arkansas River to make room for the newcomer.

View of the demolition of the Broadway Bridge from the North Little Rock side of the Arkansas

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