Author - Michael Pakko

AMP Plus Economics

Economics: The ‘True’ Unemployment Rate?

June/July 2016 Issue ith the unemployment rate at or below 5 percent, both nationwide and in Arkansas, conventional wisdom suggests that we are at or near “full employment.” But, whenever the topic of unemployment comes up, there always seems to be someone raising the pointed question, “But...

AMP Plus Workforce

Economics: Small Business & Job Creation

April/May 2016 Issue Does Size Really Matter? hen it comes to economic development and employment growth, news about large employers often grabs the headlines. Politicians and economic developers are eager to share the credit when big companies set up shop locally or expand existing operations...

AMP Plus Finance & Banking

Economics: Back to the Budget

February/March 2016 Issue fter returning from an early primary election season, state legislators will be meeting this year in a late fiscal session, the fourth such session held during even-numbered years since its establishment by Constitutional Amendment 86 in 2008. As the name implies...