Author - Dwain Hebda

Magazine May 2019

Money & Marijuana

Cannabis industry spawns plenty of ancillary companies By Dwain Hebda As 2018 came to a close, you couldn’t look anywhere in the financial news without seeing a glowing prediction about the bright future of cannabis in the new year. Some of the predictions, such as the sustained explosion of CBD...

AMP News People

Exit Laughing: Matt DeCample Dies at 44

The call to set up the interview with Matt DeCample for AY Magazine wasn’t returned immediately and when it was, Matt had an unexpected suggestion: Would I care to interview him while he took his chemo treatments at UAMS? I was shocked that he would have a writer chronicle his cancer journey in...

February 2019 Magazine

Support Arkansas

New foundation seeks to maximize expertise, funding for parks and tourism By Dwain Hebda It’s rare that you find a government agency that doesn’t have a ready way to take your money. But when it comes to ongoing financial support from the field, the state’s Parks and Tourism department is...