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Artificial Intelligence Projects to Be Showcased Friday


by Jeremy Peppas

This Friday, Feb. 15, more than 100 people are expected to attend a demonstration of artificial intelligence hosted by the Arkansas State University System office in Little Rock.

Emily Devereux, an event organizer at Arkansas State, says that teams from seven universities will be on hand along with industry leaders and elected officials.

“This was a large strategic project that needed administrative oversight,” Devereux says. “Seven schools, it is a lot.”

Campus leadership is provided by Dr. Xiuzhen Huang at Arkansas State University and Dr. Fred Prior at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The seven schools are:  Arkansas State, UAMS, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Philander Smith, Arkansas Tech, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and the University of Arkansas.

“These seven schools are leading in research,” Devereux says. “These teams are made up of professors, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students.”

Post-docs is the academic term for those who already have doctorates but doing additional study.

“This has really taken off,” Devereux says. “At first, we weren’t sure what kind of crowd to expect but as people have RSVPed, the numbers kept going up and up. The really big part is the sit down for the luncheon. We want people to talk and network about their projects. Not just with the other teams there but the industry there. The leaders who will be there.”

The projects to be showcased include medical imaging, natural language processing, genomics, agricultural data analysis, web service systems and self-driving cars/transportation.

Highlights of those projects are extensive and impressive with titles like “Deep Learning in Plant Genomic Selection” and “Self-Driving Car Project: Cityscapes Segmentation.”

In the genomics project, it was described as having the “intention of increasing phenotype trait prediction accuracy” with a specific focus on soybeans, a segment of Arkansas agriculture that generates $1,5 billion in revenue in the state annually

There’s two projects on self-driving cars, with one project focusing on how imaging is used to help navigate, while also learning the difference between other cars, pedestrians and those riding bikes.The second project, the Point-Cloud Segmentation Project, will focus on the use of light to measure distance and depth for the AI-equipped car to help understand its surroundings.

Two projects will focus on language with a “text-to-image” algorithm and the other focusing on fraud detection, specifically in the financial industry. It was described as an “application is to detect companies that are likely to be sued for fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission” with the goal of “building a model that can predict future litigation.”

Three projects focus on health care.  The Lung Cancer CT Image Project will look at “early detection to improve patient treatment and survival,” while a genomics project will focus on cancer analysis.  The last is the use of chest X-rays that will use more than 112,000 images to help classify them and “provide a visualization of these regions to guide a diagnostic review by a human viewer.”

The last project is a collaboration with The Netflix Prize, and will examine date made available by the streaming service to develop a “filtering algorithm to predict user ratings for films.”

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