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Arkansas State University Announces Strategic Plan Committee Members

Arkansas State

Arkansas State University Kelly Damphousse has named the members for the university’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee. He has also opened the process of reviewing the university’s strategic plan.

The committee will be made up of 16 members of the university’s leadership. Chaired by Dr. Len Frey, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, the committee also includes:

  • Lynita Cooksey, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research
  • Maurice Gipson, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement
  • Rob Gordon, President of the Staff Senate
  • Russ Hannah, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
  • Susan Hanrahan, representing the Deans Council
  • Loretta McGregor, President of the Faculty Senate
  • Will McLean, representing the Chairs Council
  • Terry Mohajir, Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Jason Penry, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • Tom Risch, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research
  • Drew Roberson, Student Government Association Vice President
  • Thilla Sivakumaran, Executive Director of Global Engagement and Outreach
  • Bill Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications
  • Martha Spack, Dean of Students
  • Bryan Terry, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

“I appreciate the commitment of the steering committee members to serve and help guide our discussions,” Damphousse said in a press release.  “In the coming weeks, we will establish a schedule of stakeholder meetings to gain the input and involvement of every corner of our university.  Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members will participate.”

Damphousse emphasized that he is not a formal member of the committee. “Strategic plans don’t just happen.  They require a lot of work and a lot of input.  I want to make sure that every voice gets heard through the process,” he said.

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