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Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Unveils New Facility


Arkansas Neuroscience Institute unveiled its new facility Friday after starting the process of transitioning to the clinic earlier this week. Dr. Ali F. Krisht, director of ANI, led a private tour showing what the new building has to offer.

“This is to become the referral center for patients with neurological and neurosurgical problems. Anybody in this world that has a problem related to our specialty and they are going to think, “What’s the best place to go to?’ We will be among the top options that they will think about,” says Krisht.


The building was constructed from the ground up, making the space meaningful and modern. The front lobby has a waiting room that leads to a hall with doors for patients to enter with doctors’ entrances on the other side of the wall so the appointment is kept private and confidential. The building also has plenty of office space for workspace, research, and teaching.

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“We want to be that big rock where people come to learn how to do things better when it comes to neurosurgery,” says Krisht. “Number one is to take better care of patients at the highest level, but number two is also to be the resource for teaching.

Krisht says that the institute’s goal for teaching is to spread the knowledge they have so others can also be treated. The new facility has a 150-person capacity auditorium with three 3D laser projectors for viewers to watch procedures in real time. The building also has a lab for practicing procedures without using live subjects.

“You cannot take care of every patient in this world. You want to make an impact, which is bigger. It’s kind of like creating a ripple effect,” says Krisht. “We are a big rock. It’s going to make a wave.”

The grand opening of this facility is scheduled for June 14.

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