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Arkansas Man Helps Write and Produce Rwandan Genocide Film

A new movie will be released this summer that was co-written and co-produced by an Arkansas resident.

Premiering August 24, Beautifully Broken will be available to watch in more than 600 theaters nationwide.

The film follows three families during the Rwandan genocide and was partly written and produced by Springdale resident Mark McCann. McCann also works as a detective at the Springdale Police Department and knew Brad Allen, who was one of the film’s writers and asked if he could work on rewrites for the film about three years ago.

When he’s not working as a detective, McCann has been a part-time screenwriter since 1986. He has traveled to Hollywood many times, meeting directors, writers and other screenwriters for different projects. He had previously worked with Allen on a script for a short film called Cabin 6 that earned a DVD distribution deal.

Beautifully Broken stars Scott William Winters from Good Will Hunting, Benjamin Onyango from God’s Not Dead and Emily Hahn from Toy Story 3. The film was produced by Big Film Factory, which is a Nashville-based company.

A pre-screening for the film is set for June 24 at the Malco Pinnacle Theater in Rogers. The guest list is already stacked with about 100 area pastors and local leaders, including the governor’s wife, Susan Hutchinson.

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