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Arkansas’ Hottest Mobile Applications: Komm



Mathew Thomason and Noah Simon, two entrepreneurs only a year removed from high school, are in the process of developing a mobile application to help busy professionals get a handle on their productivity. The two Conway natives are set to launch their app, Komm, in January for public preview.

Komm, according to Thomason and Simon, is a productivity app aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting cost. The app is a subsidiary to Carboncode, a digital marketing company to two founded earlier this year.

“Komm was built simply to help accelerate our customers into the digital world, regardless of their current status,” says Thomason. “Komm will be a great communication tool to use in the workplace. In almost every workplace, a uniform complaint seems to be the lack of communication between co-workers. Komm is a way to bridge that gap.”

Komm, when completed, will go behind employee communications, according to Simon.

“Not only will Komm be able to be put to use between co-workers, but with a company’s clients as well,” he says. “Through the use of audio and video chat, instant messaging, shared calendars, file sharing and task assignments, Komm will cut a business’s operating cost by putting all of this useful communication technology all in one, simple to use, application.”

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Like most good ideas, Komm was born out of necessity.

“While at work, I had a user ask if I could fix a problem with their calendar not syncing between their Mac and Windows computer,” says Thomason, an IT whiz who works fulltime as a desktop support technician. “This issue was causing the user to miss calendar invites and for Mac users to miss invites. While I found a workaround, it really made me think if there was a better solution. Not being able to find an existing solution, it took it upon me to do it myself.”

Thomason and Simon are in the prototyping phase with their creation. Their goal is to have a public preview in early January, where they will open their application up to potential users to suggest tweaks and to move forward with market validation.

“Once that is complete and we secure our funding, we will begin full-time development of Komm,” says Thomason. The pair says they will look to local investors to help expand Komm, while also building relationships with local businesses and organizations to assist in developing their application.

Thomason and Simon hope to monetize their application by providing users the opportunity to subscribe to a premium version while limiting those who don’t to a version that includes advertising.

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