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Arkansas Heart Hospital Holds Groundbreaking for Bryant Facility

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Arkansas Heart Hospital held a groundbreaking ceremony for its newest facility, the Encore Medical Center, today in Bryant. The hospital is slated to open in the late 2020.

The new facility, located off Highway 5, will specialize in treating patients with adult obesity and diabetes, and patients with severe peripheral vessel disease. In addition, the hospital will serve as a general acute care hospital for other acute illnesses that are treated at Arkansas Heart Hospital.

heart hospital

According to an AHH press release, the Encore Medical Center is a four-story facility that will include a full service emergency department, along with state of the art imaging capabilities and a multi-specialty medical facility.

Read the a full statement from Dr. Bruce Murphy, Arkansas Heart Hospital CEO, here:

“All hospitals are built to help people who have illness. Giving patients a second chance or sometimes third or fourth chance is why doctors and nurses go into medicine. Multiple diseases are at near epidemic proportions in Arkansas and the Arkansas Heart Hospital Encore Medical Center was conceived to focus on two conditions: adult obesity with Diabetes and severe peripheral vessel disease. Our goal is to give people with problems not solvable with medications a second chance, an Encore. Encore will also be a general acute care hospital for all other acute illnesses and treat those patients who also have similar problems that are treated at Arkansas Heart Hospital. We have also designed a campus around the hospital to provide other specialty and primary care services. The hospitals of the future we believe will be small centered on treating the sickest as inpatients and most as outpatient. Overall, we hope to help many patients with illnesses and conditions in a way that ushers in future concepts and services to Arkansas.”

heart hospital

In a press release, both Murphy and Drew Jackson, President and COO, expressed excitement about the new construction and discussed why Bryant was selected as the facility’s home

“It was a natural choice,” Murphy says. “Saline County has been the home to our Benton Clinic for many, many years. It’s a special community to me and I am delighted at the decision to expand there.”

“We are excited to build a second hospital in one of the fastest growing communities in Arkansas,” Jackson says. “This new general acute hospital will provide innovative cardiac care, while also focusing on bariatrics and peripheral artery disease.”

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