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Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering Inducts New Members


The Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering (AAEE) recently inducted 10 members into the organization.

The ceremony  honored the 10 inductees for their “dedication to the field of electrical engineering,” according to a University of Arkansas press release.

To be considered for academy membership, nominees must hold a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arkansas or another recognized engineering school that was awarded at least 15 years before the time of the academy election. In addition, the nominees’ professional qualifications must “attest to competence.”

The 2019 inductees were:

  • Michael A. Folk, Jr. – B.S.E.E.’02; M.S.E.E.’04
  • Matthew Francis – B.S.E.E.’03, B.S. physics’04, M.S.E.E.’07, Ph.D.’09
  • Bradley Gentry – B.S.E.E.’98, M.S.E.E. 2000
  • Arun K. Guru – M.S.E.E.’96
  • Iftekhar Hasan – M.S.E.E.’92
  • Zia Hossain – M.S.E.E.’94, Ph.D.’97
  • Richard A. Jones – B.S.E.E.’67, M.S.E.E.’68, Ph.D. Southern Methodist University
  • Eric D. Reed – B.S.E.E.’96
  • Brian L Rowden – M.S.E.E.’05, Ph.D.’10
  • Mark S. Sanders – B.S.E.E.’84

Founded in 1980, the academy aims to “strength the dedication of students to electrical engineering through personal and professional example,” as well as annually recognize electrical engineers for their accomplishments.

This year, the AAEE recognized Professor Alan Mantooth with the William D. Brown and Margaret A. Brown Faculty Award, and Sharon Brasko with the William D. Brown and Margaret A. Brown Staff Award.

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