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Walking Without a Net

70% of businesses go out of business within 12 months when they do this.*


The Great Wallendas amazed audiences around the world by performing their death-defying high wire act without a net.

Living on the edge of disaster drew crowds and created fortunes. From state fairs to international boundaries, daring to beat the odds was just part of a day’s work.

Unfortunately, fate came knocking one day when a disaster struck without warning.

Walking without a net is dangerous in high wire acts and in business. We hear from Arkansas business owners every week who are walking without a net. Failure for them may not result in death—but it will definitely cause a lot of pain, frustration, and easily-avoidable costs.

The “net” I’m referring to is a routine backup of your data.

I’m amazed by how few business owners back up their data on a regular basis. Many have lost important information by not following this simple advice.

How to Create a Safety Net for Your Business

To create a safety net for your business data and ensure you are protected from a sudden disaster, follow The Rule of 3.

The Rule of 3 says you should have:

  1. Three copies of all of your data—two copies is not enough.
  2. Two local copies with redundant drives – Example: Server and a Network Attached Storage.
  3. One off-site backup – If your facility is hit by a disaster you still have access to your data.

Implement The Rule of 3 and be done with your death-defying act. It’s simple to do and vital to the health and longevity of your business.

Walking a high wire is risky business. If you’re serious about your business, then commit to regular backups of your data and never again be caught walking without a net.

A recent Paragon Software Group study on SMBs reveals that about 22% of companies (that’s more than one in five) have experienced data loss that caused significant impact to the business.

*PricewaterhouseCoopers research indicates that 70% of businesses reporting this kind of loss go out of business within a year of the event.

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