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Voice Integration in the Office

Business World voice integration

Business World voice integration

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Welcome to the future.

Introducing the smart office: your business’s hub of connected technology designed to improve efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. With advancements in tech providing seamless connectivity, impeccable displays, and even facial recognition, the future of productivity starts now.

The smart office uses connected technology to gather data and create an integrated experience. Smart office accessories give employees the control they crave with the flexibility they need, all in the name of efficient productivity.

One of the biggest ways smart technology is being used in the office is through voice integration. Now that voice-activated assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are common in the home, they’re being used more and more in the workplace: just like at home, they’re great for organization and streamlining tasks.

Here are some of the other ways voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are poised to benefit the office:


A voice-activated AI assistant makes jotting down a memo or sending an email practically effortless. And the more you use it, the more it learns: your assistant can pick up on common terms used in your industry, such as acronyms, and transcribe them accordingly. Plus, no more embarrassing typos or grammar errors — your virtual assistant will know which “there,” “their,” or “they’re” you meant to use!

Calendar Management

Just like a human assistant, your virtual assistant can help you keep track of events and deadlines. In addition, voice-activated assistants can help streamline the check-in process for visitors to your office: just by using their voice, your guests can notify Alexa or Cortana that they’ve arrived — and your assistant will promptly let you know.


With an AI assistant, it’s easy to book a meeting room as soon as you need it (no more scrambling to get to your desk so you can scour the calendar for an open room). And once you’re in the meeting, your AI assistant can dial into a conference call, manage connectivity issues, and even take notes that you can review later.

Ordering Supplies

Office management has never been easier. Running low on pens, paperclips, or other office accessories? No problem! Just like when you run out of something at home, you can simply ask your AI assistant to place an order for what you’re missing.


If you’ve injured your hand and can’t type, don’t worry — you can dictate reports, documentation, and other work to your voice-activated assistant. Excitingly, this also makes it possible for people with disabilities or motor or vision impairments to take on jobs that require writing or data entry — something they wouldn’t have been able to do in the past without extensive (and expensive) technology.

With all of the ways that smart technology and voice-activated assistants can help out in the workplace, it’s no surprise that such devices are becoming more and more common in modern offices.  If you’re ready to upgrade your workplace and enter the office of the future, contact Business World today for a more innovative tomorrow.

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