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UA Little Rock Students To Mentor Youth Offenders

As part of a new mentoring program, University of Arkansas Little Rock students will begin mentoring juvenile offenders during and after their confinement, according to a news release.

College students will meet with the minors two hours every week while they’re housed in juvenile justice facilities. They’ll continue the meetings after the children and teens return home.

UA Little Rock students who are 21 and older and pass background checks can enter the program, where they’ll “learn about the juvenile justice system and be trained as a mentor,” the release says.

Dr. Tusty ten Bensel, pictured above, is an associate professor of criminal justice who is helping lead the program, which will have five to 10 students in its first year.

“This program offers students a unique opportunity to experience juvenile justice from inside the system and positively impact the lives of youth right here in our communities,” ten Bensel said in the release.

She said she hopes each UA Little Rock student can be a “role model” for their younger mentee.

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