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The Banker Behind Riverside Bank

Stephen Davis, CEO of Riverside Bank
Riverside Bank • 501-614-6161 •

Stephen Davis, a former engineer and commercial real estate developer, became a full-time banker when he invested in what was then known as Merchants & Planters Bank back in 1996. Under his ownership, the institution became Riverside Bank.

At Riverside Bank, he has spent the last 22 years helping Arkansans buy homes and start businesses. The institution, according to Davis, focuses primarily on residential mortgage lending, small commercial mortgage lending and related small business loans.

Despite being relatively small, Riverside Bank is often among the top performers in the state. His bank’s success, Davis says, is due in large part to the bank’s quality staff. That efficiency allows Riverside Bank to be competitive while providing very personal customer service.

And no two customers are alike. Davis enjoys customizing his services to meet their specific needs, whether they are trying to buy their first home or building a new business from the ground up.

“We specialize in custom loans,” says Davis. “Not everyone fits the same mold. We enjoy helping people who are first-time home buyers all the way to custom construction loans, and everything in between… Everyday is a new day. I love seeing all the things people want to do.” “What I do is very rewarding.”

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