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Telling Trucking’s Story

Indulge me while I brag on a client by way of introducing their first-ever TV commercial.

I’m humbled often in my work. It’s the thing I most enjoy about what I do. Well, there’s that one recent political ad I wrote but mostly I’m humbled I mean.

Q: What makes a marketing consultant look good?

A: A great client.

Q: What makes a great client?

A: One who “gets it.”

I recently had the opportunity to develop the concept and script a TV commercial with the Arkansas Trucking Association.

From my work on behalf of the industry on a wide range of regulatory, safety, legislative and image issues, my experience suggests this spot serves as the type of dynamic brand message that could take the lead nationally for the industry.

In my professional opinion, it is one the industry as a whole has needed for some time.

Don’t fret, I’ve said as much out loud at industry meetings. They humor me mostly. But this TV spot might get their attention.

Led by President Shannon Newton and the great team behind her, the Arkansas Trucking Association “gets it.”

I brag on them here publicly because, in my experience and from my unique vantage point into the many facets of this complex industry, the trucking industry, not unlike many companies and organizations, doesn’t often “get it” to the degree they should when trying to engage the public.

Often, for completely understandable reasons, they just can’t seem to get out of their own way. Convinced they know what their brand should be about, what their story is and how they should tell it, many companies large and small burn a lot of energy, time and resources creating and disseminating all types of marketing and advertising that miss the mark. The causes are many but most revolve around being too defensive about justifying their existence from their own point of view.

To be fair, trucking is a complex space for sure, with some very challenging issues surrounding it. I get loud and clear where their defensiveness might spring from.

But always — and this is the litmus test — in the end, all good brands, at the most basic level, are about the human story.  At some level, in some way, that’s always there. In trucking, it’s everywhere. And Newton, the Arkansas Trucking Association and its 300+ members understand that’s where the real story of trucking is found.

The story of America’s trucking industry and the story of our Arkansas trucking industry’s pre-eminent place in it is a great story — a compelling human story.

On many levels. It’s a story that touches each of our lives — every day —  in so many ways.

The simple truth is, trucks and trucking companies are driven by real people. Real people dedicated to deliver or everything stops.

And that’s a story that will resonate and stand up against all comers.

I think you’ll enjoy the spot:


Click here for a full-screen version: Arkansas Trucking Association TV Spot from Arkansas Trucking Association on Vimeo.

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