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The State of Arkansas: Politics


There’s a lot going on in the world; here’s what you might have missed in Arkansas politics, as well as the news on political figures from our state.

Donald Trump Supports Arkansas Senator’s Immigration Bill

President Donald Trump announced earlier this month that he supported a bill introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Sen. David Perdue of Georgia, according to TIME magazine. The bill aims to lower the amount of legal immigrants and reorganize the immigration system so that it favors skilled workers instead of families.

Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Anti-Abortion Laws

U.S. District Court Judge Kristine Baker stopped several Arkansas anti-abortion laws from going into effect in August, according to PopSugar. On July 28, Baker “filed an emergency injunction, successfully barring the state from moving ahead with implementation,” PopSugar says.

Little Rock Teacher Seeks Congressional District Seat

Arkansas Online reports that Little Rock School District teacher Gwendolynn Combs announced her intent to win the Democratic nomination in central Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional District. That district, which includes Little Rock, is currently represented by Republican French Hill. Talk Business and Politics reports that Combs was one of the organizers of the Women’s March for Arkansas in January.

Susan Inman Announces Secretary of State Bid

Susan Inman announced her Democratic candidacy for secretary of state earlier this month, the Arkansas Times reported. State Rep. Trevor Drown and Land Commissioner John Thurston, both Republicans, have announced their participation in the race. One other Democrat, Anthony Bland, has announced his plan to run as well.

Women Lead Arkansas Hosts Campaign Training

Women Lead Arkansas is hosting its 5th annual Ready to Run event, a weekend-long training session “designed for women who are thinking about or are planning to run for office, and those who want to volunteer on or work on campaigns,” according to the organization’s website. The nonpartisan training will take place Sept. 8 through Sept. 10 at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute.

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  • Advance notice to the elected government officials of Arkansas. Do not even consider the removal of our Confederate Monuments. Do not submit to the fascist liberal ideology of destroying everything that offends them. History will judge you and your actions and the people of Arkansas won’t forget where you stand concerning this issue when it comes time to vote. This country has lost their spine when it comes to caving into the racist Black Lives Matter and the AntiFa radicals agenda. They are hate groups and the liberal politicians and liberal media turns a blind eye to them and their actions, violent actions. We are stating our grievance in advance so hear US now. We will defend our heritage if the leftist come here and attempt to tear down our Confederate monuments. Do not do as other state and city’s have done by standing down and allowing thugs and domestic terrorist destroy our heritage. Your duty is to uphold the law and protect people and property if mobs gather and attempt to vandalism or destroy these monuments by force. I’m asking all who agree to share this all around Arkansas. Respectfully, The Citizens of Arkansas.

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