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The State of Arkansas: Food and Agriculture

Technology and agriculture continue to evolve across the state. These are some of the important Arkansas agricultural subjects and projects you might have missed.

Arkansas-Based Tyson Invests Millions in New Kansas Chicken Plant

Kansas is receiving a new chicken-processing plant. Tyson Foods Inc., which is based in Northwest Arkansas, will invest $320 million in the plant, which will bring 1,600 jobs to the area, according to an Arkansas Online article.

Arkansas Farmers, Heifer USA Take the Mystery Out of Meat

Livestock farmers of Heifer established a cutting-edge technology that allows individuals to know more about where their dinner comes from. “The suppliers of Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative are the first in the U.S. to use blockchain technology,” according to Arkansas Money and Politics. The article says shoppers will now be able to scan QR codes on Grass Roots products to see where the meet came from.

Citizens Complain About Possible Misuse of Dicamba

Keep track of potential dicamba misuse in the state. Dicamba, an herbicide that is typically used to get rid of weeds and woody plants, is the source of many citizens’ complaints and the subject of several Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) investigations. “Since 2015, the ASPB has worked to investigate and in some cases prosecute for a higher than normal volume of dicamba-related complaints,” according to the Arkansas Agriculture Department website.

Grocery Delivery Service Now Available in Central Arkansas

Restaurant delivery has rapidly advanced and expanded throughout Arkansas, Arkansas Money & Politics reports. It is easy for individuals to access these food delivery websites: Bite Squad, Grubhub, Waitr and others. Since restaurant delivery apps and websites have been so successful, now groceries are being delivered throughout central Arkansas in a very similar way. Instacart delivers groceries from Kroger, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, CVS and Petco.

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