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Springdale start-up makes headway in fight on breast cancer

According to an article from Talk Business & Politics, Scientists at Ascendant Dx hope to raise enough money to launch a multi-state clinical trial of what they believe is a groundbreaking process that changes how – and more importantly, when – breast cancer is diagnosed in women.

Dr. Suzanne Klimberg, a surgeon at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, discovered breast cancer proteins that are visible in tears about 10 years ago. That discovery led her to co-invent a process and device known as MelodyDx which can detect breast cancer in woman by collecting their tears.

Using filter paper placed under the eyelid, tears are absorbed by the paper. Proteins from the tears are then identified in less than 30 minutes in the patent-pending MelodyDx kit, much like home pregnancy test, according to lead researcher Dr. Anna Daily who has continued to develop the process since 2011.

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