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Second Recount Requested in District 90 House Race

by Curtis Lanning

(NWA Politics) — After a voluntary recount increased the lead of Rep. Jana Della Rosa, R-Rogers, by one vote, her opponent, Kendon Underwood, has requested a second recount.

Tuesday night saw two extremely close races in Benton County, both Arkansas House seats.

Della Rosa’s race for House District 90 saw her originally leading by three votes. After the voluntary recount, however, the Benton County Election Commission said her lead increased to four votes, 1,069 to 1,065.

The discrepancy was attributed to an absentee ballot, officials said.

After learning the first recount had her ahead by an additional vote, Della Rosa said, “After watching the vote counting process, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the integrity of our election process in Benton County.”

Shortly after the new results were released, Underwood told NWA Politics he requested a second recount, and this one would be a hand recount. He said results are expected to be in before certification of the ballots on June 1.

Underwood said the one-vote discrepancy factored in to his decision to request the second recount.

The race for House District 91 saw Rep. Dan Douglas, R-Bentonville, lead his opponent Scott Richardson by 12 votes. As of 1 p.m., the Benton County Election Commission said a second recount revealed those exact same results.

Douglas said he was very grateful to the voters of House District 91.

For more information on the recount process, click here. To view election results, click here.

(This article was originally featured on NWA Politics.)

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