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No Action Required: Presidential Alert Goes Out Today

presidential alert

We’re all getting a text message from the President today. In a way.

If your cell phone is on today, it is going to receive a Presidential Alert text message. The text message is part of a test to ensure the emergency alert system (EAS) and wire emergency alerts are functioning.

The text reads,” This is a TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is required.”

This is the first test of the system, and the test is being coordinated with the Federal Communications Commission. Over 225 million devices are expected to be reached during the test.

The first texts were released at 1:18 a.m. CT on Wednesday, and similar messages will be played over the radio and television later.

Individuals cannot opt out of Presidential Alerts, as they can on Amber Alerts or natural disaster alerts. A 2006 law directed the FCC to facilitate emergency texts in cases of public danger or national emergencies. However, the alerts cannot deliver a personal message from the president.

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