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Powerful Pairs Start Marketing and Communications Firms

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Christina Munoz Madsen, the University of Central Arkansas’ associate vice president for communications, public relations and marketing, has turned in her resignation. She plans to open a communications firm, Munoz Pugh, with Michelle Pugh. Madsen will still stay part time at the university through Aug. 31, then will be full time at her new firm.

The firm is up and running with Madsen working in Conway and Pugh in Little Rock. Pugh has already been working with her own clients, so Madsen will be coming in and taking over the PR, media and video talent.

The pair used to work together when Pugh was a brand manager at the marketing firm Eric Rob & Isaac and Madsen was the client at UCA. Madsen was very impressed with Pugh and kept in touch. 

Another power pair who have joined forces is Bill Brookshire, former creative director at Stone Ward ad agency and Brooke Vines, who runs Vines Media. Their new company is called Vines Brookshire.

The pair also had worked together previously before and always wanted to work with each other but the timing was always off.

The company will be a new marketing startup and “will provide affordable, accountable and transparent strategic consulting to organizations who want to optimize the talents and energies of their in house staff,” said Vines. Vines will be taking the clients she made at Vines Media with her to Vines Brookshire.

They are currently looking at office space but haven’t committed to anything yet.

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